You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. We will also call you back in 24 hrs. The calendar of Myanmar has a detailed embroidery of festivity dates sewn around it. The Burmese people are known for their cheerful spirit and festive mood, which is why the colorful Myanmar festival celebrations are bliss to look at, and even more wonderful to participate in. The dates for Myanmar festivals and the consecutive years are not fixed, as they are dependent on the Lunar calendar.

Nevertheless, the festivity never drops to low.

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So, worry not and take a look at these 13 festivals that you must witness at least once in your life. The several Myanmar celebrations are meant as mark of culture and some as the abode of following old legends and are purely for entertainment. Image Source. This festival is one of the most delightful and popular festivals of Myanmar.

If you visit Myanmar in January then do attend this festival. Book Now. Book Nowk. Visit Website. The festival has been and will be one of the most widely celebrated ones of all the Myanmar festivals You can witness the Buddhist rituals and ceremonies of social gathering and also the pomp of Buddhism.

It is also the best occasion to enjoy the local food at its best too. So, be a part of the festivals of Myanmar to know of their culture and relish the local cuisines.

Naga New Year is one of the most famous festivals in Myanmar and the people of Kham-Ti village celebrate it in a grand way. The opening ceremony of this festival will be held on 13th January and you can attend the festival in the village. Competitions and traditional sports are organized and the Naga subtribes come together and celebrate the New Year.

Colorful costumes, grilled meat and rice, wine and ancient tribal dances are the main highlights of this festival. When : 13th — 15th January Where: Kham-Ti village. There are a lot of festivals held at different pagodas but one of the most famous festivals in Myanmar is the Golden Hilltop festival.

myanmar festivals 2020

Held at the Kyaik Khauk Pagoda, Golden Hilltop Festival is a fair kind of setup where you can buy local produce, pottery items, ceramics, furniture, and bamboo mats. In the evening stage shows are organized and the locals from the surrounding villages attend this festival.

People get on stages erected on the streets by Bamboos and drench each other in the water. People splash water through pipes from jeeps and trucks, and children enjoy with little water pistols. The monks and elderly are spared though. This festival is celebrated by the Rakhine people. You can witness and enjoy the traditional dances, boat rowing competitions, and boxing competitions during this Myanmar traditional festival.Myanmar is well-known as the land of temples and festivals.

Every month of the Burmese calendar Lunar calendar has its own beauty, its own seasonal festivals which celebrate and pay homage to protect spirits.

Although some of them are large and nationwide, some are small and local-scale, they all symbolize the vibrant life and rich culture of Myanmar. In this Myanmar travel guide category, you will find out the essential information about the coloful festivals by month through out the country. December is a good time for pilgrims to see few of religious festivals in Myanmar. The rainfall is not going to fall down in September as the rainy season still prevails Myanmar, a few festivals and important events organized in this month.

Tourists can soak in some religious festivals in Bagan and Inle Lake. Manuha Pagoda Festival Time: 14th and 15th of Tawthalin month…. Myanmar is a land of festivals. There is a festival for each month of the year. Then there are state festivals at the national level, local festivals, pagoda festivals, and […]. January is the peak season when temperature seems to become a bit higher than the previous month and dry climate continues throughout this month. This is also the time for famous festivals of ethnic groups and pagodas in Myanmar….

February is one of the most bustling and crowded months in Myanmar when tourists all over the world make their plan to visit Myanmar and take part in regional festivals. There is no better pleasant than take a trip to Myanmar in March with a series of specific-cultural festivals. It is the most meaningful event of Burmese people nationwide. May seems to be not the month of festival in Myanmar as a few festivals hold over the country.

The most impressive religious festival is Bodhi Tree Water in temples across the country. The weather in June may not support for outdoor activities through the country, even festivals. In July, it is not an easy task for tourists to soak up festive atmosphere with lights and music because only several small-scale festivals may be found during the month in Myanmar.

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August is a good time for travelers to explore magnificent landscapes and enjoy two big festivals in Myanmar including Taung Pyone Spirit Festival and Yadana Gu Spirit Festival. October marks the end of rainy season in Myanmar, witness the considerable fall of temperature and rainfall, see the begin of festival season in Myanmar with a wide range of national and local festivals.

November is one of the most festive months in Myanmar when a variety of colorful festivals with a series of religious rituals occur.

View this article to discover two colorful festivals in November — highlights of Burma tourism. Can you please confirm? Is the picture shown from the Dec event or the Oct one? Thank you. And the festival which you mentioned, it takes place throughout the country in October, named the Thadingyut Festival or also known as the Festival of Light. Your Name required.

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Go Myanmar Tours tailor-makes unique Burma tours to help travelers explore Myanmar their way. We are a passionate team of one hundred avid travelers who love to share our experiences of Myanmar with those looking for a more authentic travel experience.

Myanmar Festivals 2 Comments. Myanmar Festivals in December December is a good time for pilgrims to see few of religious festivals in Myanmar. Myanmar Tours Feedback. Myanmar Tours Tripadvisor Reviews. We accept.Myanmar is a vibrant country full of lively people, ready for a celebration at any time. Adventurous travelers ready to immerse themselves in local culture and tradition will be lavishly rewarded by the wild celebrations that await them. As the festivals depend on the lunar calendar, dates change annually, but no matter what, you can always count on a good time when attending a festival in Myanmar.

Here are 10 of the best f estivals in Myanmar that anyone would be lucky to experience! During the celebration, giant, decorated Manaw poles are set up in the center of the festival area for people to dance around. The dancing and poles signify tribes coming back together and victories won in battle.

This is a special time for the Kachin people as members of the seven tribes travel far and wide to participate in the festival. Local people are clad in traditional garb filled with bright colors and costumes. While there are many famous pagoda festivals in Baganthe Ananda Pagoda Festival is certainly the most popular.

This week-long festival generally happens during January and people from all over Bagan come and set up camps for the entire celebration. During this time, there are lots of acts put on by local theater troupes and plenty of traditional food to go around. The most popular and fun festival in Myanmar has got to be Thingyan Water Festival, celebrated by taking to the streets and engaging in a giant water fight!

It lasts for four to five days before the final Myanmar New Year celebration. Stages are set up in the streets, truck beds are full of buckets of water and everywhere you look, water is sloshing out of toy guns.

This traditional pagoda festival is the most popular one for the Rakhine people. During this time, people go to the pagoda to light candles and offer flowers to pay their respects. Throughout Myanmar, you can find people celebrating the Kason Festival come May, celebrating the birth of none other than Buddha himself.

The festival happens during the full moon, which is not only when Buddha was born, but when he reached Enlightenment as well. To commemorate these special days, the Bodhi trees in pagodas throughout Myanmar are watered by pilgrims to keep them fresh throughout the torturously hot summer. During this festival, you can see people of all ages dressed in their finest clothes parading and sitting on large platforms at their local pagodas.

Younger folks walk to the pagoda with pots balanced on their heads or sitting in their hands, full of water for the tree just next to the platform. A festival of a different kind, Waso Chinlone pays tribute to a royal sports game that was played in ancient times. This festival has been going on for over 90 years in the Mandalay region and is an exciting time for both players and spectators alike. Inthe festival had over 1, teams from all over Myanmar competing at the grounds near the Mahamuni Pagoda!

So what exactly are they playing? In a game similar to soccer, players kick around a ball but instead of passing it on the ground back and forth, they try to keep it in the air as long as possible. In terms of unique festivals in Myanmar, Waso Chinlone may take the cake! While Myanmar is a widely Buddhist country, there is still a large population that believes in Nats which are spirits that guide humans in life.

The Taungbyone Nat Festival celebrates two of the most well-known spirits through drinking, dancing, and eating delicious local food in hopes of bringing on good luck. Taungbyone Nat Festival is certainly one of the most boisterous and colorful events of the year in Myanmar, with more than 10, people a healthy mix of tourists and locals in attendance and an entire week full of celebrations!

Spanning across three weeks, this festival is dedicated to Buddha. Four of his images are removed from the pagoda and rowed around Inle Lake on a barge moved by foot rowers yes, they row the boat with their foot! The boat travels to 14 villages so everyone can have a chance to see the Buddhas and pay their respects. At each stop, the villages meet the boat with crazy excitement to welcome the barge which will stay overnight.

Another standout part of the festival are the rowing competitions, Shan dances, and martial arts that are performed in each boat! If you have a chance to enjoy this festival, you can either watch locals lighting their lanterns or make one of your own and create your own offering! Besides the lanterns, the skies are lit up with fireworks and string lights. Plus, when this happens, windows are lit up with candles instead of blinking string lights.

A final festival Myanmar that is simply remarkable is Tanggyi Balloon Festival which is held all over the country to celebrate the end of the rainy season. The balloons are meant to chase away evil spirits and bring happiness and positivity to the people of Myanmar — how sweet is that?The Burmese people move to a calendar even more ancient than that of the west.

Selected full-moon eves within the Buddhist Lunar Calendar mark special feast days across the country, bringing thousands to converge on their local temples to eat, dance, and do devotions.

If you're planning your Myanmar itineraryyou should time your trip according to these super-important festivals - you'll get a lot more out of your Myanmar experience that way!

On the full-moon day of the Buddhist month Pyathothe temple town of Bagan celebrates the local Ananda Temple 's festival day with a fairground on the temple's ample territory, drawing pilgrims from far and wide, many traveling in the traditional bullock-carts to make it to the venue. The first tourists to Bagan took temple carts to make the rounds of the temples in the area, and this remains a popular Bagan transportation option even today. Buddhist monks spend upward of three straight days chanting scripture leading up to the full-moon day itself.

As morning creeps in on the full-moon day of Pyatho, the thousands of pilgrims in attendance fill the alms bowls of the monks. When is the Ananda Temple Festival? On the Gregorian Calendar, the festival takes place on the following dates:.

Mandalay locals celebrate the full-moon eve of Thabodwe by converging on the Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalayhome to a massive gold-encrusted Buddha statue. More devoted believers will stay for two full days to hear a Buddhist philosophical text read straight through by monks. You don't have to listen to a religious text in a foreign language to enjoy the festival: the grounds outside the temple take on a festival atmosphere, with pavilions hosting traditional dances, musical performances, and local theater groups.

The full-moon eve of Thabodwe also happens to commemorate Myanmar's extensive rice-growing culture, celebrated through a feast for the glutinous-rice dish known as Htamane outside Mandalay, this occasion is actually known as the Htamane Festival. On this occasion, villages everywhere cook up huge batches of this popular sweet snack, made of glutinous rice combined with coconut flakes, roast peanuts, fritters, and fried ginger.

Other important temple festivals on this date: In Pyay, the full-moon eve of Thabodwe signals the start of the Nyan Yoe bonfire ceremony centered around Shwesandaw Pagoda not to be confused with the similarly-named sunset-viewing pagoda in Bagan.

When is the Mahamuni Pagoda Festival? Shwedagon Pagoda celebrates its major festival at this time, as tradition holds that on this day, the king of Ukkalapa enshrined the Buddha hair relic in the stupa.

myanmar festivals 2020

From the full moon day and for ten days afterward, locals will attend recitals of scripture from the Pali canon and make offerings to the different statues surrounding the golden spire, as the bells ring out throughout Shwedagon. Other important temple festivals on this date: Other pagodas in Yangon and nearby—including the Sule Pagoda and as far as Kyaiktiyo—also celebrate temple festivals on this day.

The rest of Myanmar celebrates the full moon of Tabaung by erecting sand stupas on riverbanks. The Pa-O peoples of eastern Myanmar also consider this day their national holiday. When is the Shwedagon Pagoda Festival? As with its fellow Buddhist countries, Myanmar celebrates the festival of Thingyan with plenty of water: revelers toss bucketfuls of water on passersby in the open, who welcome the once-a-year water battle with enthusiasm.

Water symbolizes purity in the local lore, and pouring water represents cleansing the soul of the past year's evils and imperfections. When is Thingyan? Unlike other Myanmar festivals, Thingyan takes place over a predictable set of dates relative to the Gregorian Calendar. Every year, Thingyan occurs from April 14 to During the month of Thadingyutfour of the five Buddha images resident in Hpaung Daw U Pagoda make a grand circuit of Inle Lake's villagestaking eighteen days to complete the tour.

Loaded onto a golden barge built especially for the occasion, the four Buddha images make the slow trip, towed by boats rowed by Inle Lake's famous leg-rowers. The barge tours the lake in a clockwise direction, with the four Buddha images spending each night in a different town monastery. The festival reaches its peak when the barge reaches the town of Nyaungshwe, where pilgrims from all around the Shan state converge to venerate the statues. But why do the Shan only take four Buddha images?

The Inle townsfolk fear a repeat of a previous incident.

10 Festivals in Myanmar You Should Experience in 2020

According to legend, the last time the Inle folk took all five images on board, a storm capsized the barge, sending all the images to the bottom of the lake. Four were retrieved, but they gave up on the fifth after a long search. Upon returning to the pagoda, they found the fifth image back in its original place - wet but intact! When is the Hpaung Daw U Festival?

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As per the Burmese lunar calendar, the festival begins on the first Waxing Moon day of Thadingyut and ends 18 days later, a few days past the next full moon.Each year after the harvest season the Ananda Pagoda Festival brings a thrum of activity to the ancient ruins of Bagan—the Ananda Temple.

It's one of the biggest festivals in Bagan that symbolises the endless wisdom of Buddha. It is usually held in January or early February for around a week with the best time to visit at the last days of the festival. Stalls and shops surrounding the temple sell everything from food to agricultural implements.

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Villagers from around Bagan come to the festival in traditional bullock carts and arrange camps for the whole duration of the festival. Many famous local theatrical troupes also come to provide entertainment for the festival goers. During the festival, 1, monks perform continuous chanting of Buddhist scriptures for 72 hours. As dawn breaks on the Fullmoon Day of Pyatho the pilgrims give donations to the monks. This festival is the best chance to enjoy the local atmosphere, see the ritual of Buddhists, and donate to the temple.

My Wishlist Sign In. Best time to go to Myanmar. Dates January 04—09, Ananda Pagoda Festival Featured in asia Myanmar. Paul Arps. Don't miss it!

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Add to your wishlist now and we will remind you in advance. Buddhist places, holidays, and celebrations. Makha Bucha Day. Meditation during Buddhist Holidays. Vesak Festival. Pchum Ben or Ancestors' Day.

Wan Ok Phansa. Paro Tshechu. Thadingyut Festival of Lights. Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani.

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Obon Matsuri. Rub Bua Festival. Novitiation Ceremony or Shinbyu. Visit Botataung Pagoda. Losar or Tibetian New Year. Boun That Luang Festival. Saga Dawa Festival. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival. Visakha Bucha Day. Thod Kathin Robes Offering Ceremony.

Xieng Khuan or Buddha Park. Vesak Day. Buddha Jayanti. Rain Retreat Meditation. Tashi Lhunpo Thangka Festival.However, one particularly special and unique time to visit is during the Naga New Year Festival, which will be held in Lahe on 15 January For the Naga, Lahe New Year is a significant time when people share their wishes and hopes for the future, and families are reunited.

It is a time of great celebration; where lively dances are performed in traditional dress, to the beat and sounds of traditional instruments. Few tourists are lucky enough to share in the joy and festivities of the Naga New Year, but those who do are richly rewarded with an incredible cultural experience.

Overall, for those who seek genuine cultural exchange and the opportunity to take some truly stunning photographs, the Naga New Year is an amazing and unique festival to attend. The Naga is a group of people who live mainly in northwestern Myanmar, as well as some parts of India. Within the Naga group, there are many different subgroups, each with their own languages, traditions, and dress.

Each group has its own rich traditions and customs, that have been handed down over generations. Overall, however, all Naga people are linked by some common customs and languages, including the celebration of the Naga New Year. The festival is celebrated in mid-January, which would traditionally be after crops were harvested and before new ones were planted.

It was a time for families to reunite, and for people to wish for bountiful harvests, success in the new year and for any illnesses to be healed. To this day, Naga people from far and wide make the journey to attend the festival.

Some attendees hike for up to five days through the beautiful mountains of the Sagaing region, so as to be a part of the big day. As well as spending time together and making wishes for the coming year, the Naga New Year is also celebrated with lively dances and ceremonies, in beautifully ornate traditional dress.

myanmar festivals 2020

These dances are truly mesmerizing to watch — with skillful dancers proudly showing off traditions that have lasted thousands of years. The rhythmic beating of the drums and other instruments makes this an even more amazing spectacle to behold. Generally, dancers rehearse for an entire day before the festival in order to make sure that the performances are perfect.

It is a day of great pride for the Naga people, who demonstrate dances that have been handed down for generations. There are also traditional games and sports as part of the celebration. During Naga New Year, people from all the different Naga subgroups in Myanmar and beyond come together to share in their traditions and participate in the good-natured competition. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most fascinating and beautiful festivals on the annual calendar in Myanmar.

The festival is held every year and traditionally rotated between several Naga townships.Singapore Festivalwith entertainment and participation by Singapore and Myanmar chefs, artists, performers and fashion brands, will be held February at Chin Chaung Palace on Kabar Aye Pagoda Road.

Targeting people who love food, parties, art and shopping, the festival will take the form of a garden party, suitable for youngsters and families. After visiting the festival, we want to invite the audience to visit Singapore in person. We will also ban smoking during the festival. We want to show that we can protect and preserve the environment while creating and having fun. Thanks to the festival, Singapore receivedvisitors from Myanmar in andbetween January and Octoberaccording to Singapore Tourism Board.

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